Street Walks St. Antonin Around La Halle

The Halle – very quiet when I took this photo – very busy every Sunday morning for the local Market!

One of the old cobbled streets to wander around.


Just near the Halle. Little shops under the canope.

Walking up towards the Halle.


A local baker here!

Time for a cup of coffee and a sandwich!

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Tour de France Here This Summer

Tour de france

The Tour de France is in our region this coming summer! Always an event to look forward to, the most difficult desition is where to go to get the best view – worth trudging up a steep hill, they don’t go quite as fast as usual.

The River Aveyron – St. Antonin-noble-val

Bridge St AntoninA beautiful early October morning in St. Antonin-noble-val. The river Aveyron plays a dominant part in the scenery of this beautiful town.

Averyron 2

St. Antonin-noble-val is our local town, just 10 minutes drive from ‘Chez Mackenzie’.



Yes, this really is the month of OCTOBER!